April 25, 2012

Open or closed society is key dividing line of 21st century, says Hillary Clinton Spot-on comments by Hilary Clinton, see below - but how come America is moving to being more closed at ever increasing speed, then? Think SOPA, ACTA - pretty much the antidote to being 'open' I'd say. Comments ?Open or closed society is key dividing line of 21st century, says Hillary Clinton | Technology | guardian.co.uk http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/apr/17/open-closed-society-hillary-clinton Nations will be divided not between east and west, or along religious lines, but between open and closed societies, the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, has said. ​Countries that are closed to “change, ideas, cultures and beliefs that are different from theirs will quickly find that in an internet world they will be left behind”, Clinton said. ​Speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Open Government Partnership in Brasilia, she said countries could only become more secure and peaceful if they were open. “In the 21st century, the US is convinced that one of the most significant divisions between nations will be not between east or west, nor over religion, so much as between open and closed societies,” she said. ​”We believe those governments that hide from public view and dismiss ideas of openness and the aspirations of their people for greater freedom will find it increasingly difficult to create a secure society.” Gerd Leonhard http://www.futuristgerd.com http:///www.greenfuturist.com CEO http://www.thefuturesagency.com Videos: http://www.gerdtube.com Twitter: @gleonhard

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