May 17, 2012

Russian friends: meet me in Moscow May 24! On May 24th Sberbank will hold the Next Great App conference, dedicated to the future of cellular applications, at Digital October. The conference will be conducted in a talk-show format with the participation of the creators of the most popular applications. The appearance of smartphones and the iPhone and the development of social networks and services have caused explosive growth of a new area of program development – cellular applications. The most popular games; image, video, and audio-processing programs; instructional programs; and navigation and communications services are downloaded by several million users within a week after release. Today, the biggest mergers and the most eye-catching startups are taking place in this area, and the greatest rates of increase in the cost of business are related to the sphere of applications. According to the predictions of analysts, this is only the beginning. It is the beginning because the new technologies are simple, easy to use, and are opening up infinite possibilities. • What sort of possibilities are these? • How can they affect our lives? • What will be the next application to make waves? In order to take a look at the future, specialists will assemble at the conference who will share their views on the newest trends and developments in the area of cellular applications. The event program features the world’s most popular developments and a prognosis of the future of cellular technologies. The special guest of the conference will be Gerd Leonhard, a specialist in the area of digital technologies, communications, and media. via Would be fun to see you there. No idea if this event is open or free - but think so:) **Get free mobile apps:

Gerd Leonhard

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