June 04, 2012

Samsung enters digital music with its own service but once again fails to embrace freemium Reading http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/45824/samsung-music-hub-music-streaming-locker-service I just can't help wondering why these guys, just like Nokia, don't seem to get the following 2 basic realizations: 1) Music lives in the cloud not the device. Devices are crucial as they serve as remote controls, communication hubs and payment platforms, but success in digital music will be based on successfully connecting the cloud and the crowd. Trying to increase the value of a device by bundling music that needs to be paid for in-cash, is barking up the wrong tree. Samsung: digital content is an Ecosystem not an Egosystem. Learned anything from Ovi? 2) Only a really powerful ie irresistible Freemium offering will be able to capture more than 3-8% of the market; paying £10 flat-out for music is a great deal for those that ready to jump over this substantial hurdle (like me) but it's too much of a take it or leave it proposition. If I was Samsung I would offer to subsidize something like $1 per week per user myself, and then ask the mobile operators to chip in another $1 per week, as well, and thereby make music 'feels like free' to something like 700 Million smartphone users. And then invent a large number of premiums on-top. Now THAT could qualify as bold - and it would make money, too. Your thoughts? Gerd Leonhard Futurist http://www.mediafuturist.com http://www.futuristgerd.com http:///www.greenfuturist.com CEO http://www.thefuturesagency.com Videos: http://www.gerdtube.com Twitter: @gleonhard

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