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First, thanks to my editor, David Battino, Maria Kekäläinen (design & layout) and my business manager, Kimmo Pekari.A big Thanks also to Lynette Webb and her great Flickr photos (, and to the other flickr people that have generously allowed me to use their original photos (see each photo for details). A lot of great people have influenced me over the past ten years of digital music and media explorations. Without them, and without what they have shared with me (in person or oth- erwise), I wouldn’t be writing anything, at all.

They include:
• David Bowie and his mention of my favorite tagline, “Music will be like water.” I believe it was in this New York Times feature back in 2002: yt6gm7. (Thankfully, they have now opened up their archives so you can actually read this!)
• Jim “Pool of Money” Griffin – a great mind and good friend
• Richard Branson (and his autobiography)
• Larry Lessig and the Creative Commons people
• Don Tapscott and his books (especially Wikinomics)
• Chris Anderson and his Long Tail book • Glen Hiemstra at
• John Perry Barlow (you would have guessed ;-), and the EFF
• The combined creative chaos and “wisdom of the masses” that comes via the Pho List

And then there are those people and sites on my blogroll that I read all the time:
• Chris Anderson Long Tail
• Fred Wilson: A VC in NY
• David Galbraith
• David Hornik
• David Porter
• Dennis Harsager
• Digital Lifestyles
• Doc Searls
• Eliot’s Listening Post at Wired
• • Guy Kawasaki
• JD Lassica
• Jeff Jarvis Buzz Machine
• Jeremy Silver
• John Perry Barlow
• Joi Ito
• Larry Lessig
• Marc Schiller’s Blog
• Mark Cuban Blogmaverick
• Martin Tobias
• Paid Content
• Paul Saffo
• Robert Scoble
• Scott Karp/Publishing 2.0
• Seth Godin
• Seth Goldstein’s Social Media
• Techcrunch
• Techmeme
• William Patry Blog