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MARCH 10, 2005:

Science Fiction author, EFF activist, and Boing Boing con- tributor Cory Doctorow hits the nail on the head in a recent comment: “A word of warning to DRM-crazed companies: Somewhere out there is a competitor who will steal your customers with more open products.” I particularly like this part: “Now put yourself in your cus- tomer’s shoes: Are you going to buy the alarm clock where you have to pay your alarm tone tax every time you wake up in the morning? Or are you going to buy the alarm clock that lets you load your own CDs into it? Somewhere out there, there is a competitor of yours who will sell your customer a phone that lets him listen to his own music. And that company will attract more business at the expense of companies that treat their customers as wallets to be held open for the music industry.” You could argue that, for example, TiVo was once that kind of “just do it” company, and now that it’s less “cutting-edge” and daring, its business is quickly evaporating...or maybe it’s just a “window closing”?