C1 Introduction
C2 Credits and Influences
C3 Eight predictions for the future of music
C4 As music products become music...
C5 Niches are golden

C6 Music like water
C7 Closed system = closed opportunities
C8 More on renting versus owning music
C9 A bigger pizza makes more slices
C10 Even in music, the power is moving...

C11 The rise of “culture of participation”
C12 The music industry: once the pain...
C13 “Flat fee music”
C14 Why record companies will offer MP3s
C15 Vive la France: Apple, iPods...

C16 Users converging with creators
C17 The record company of the future
C18 The Wall Street Journal: a critical...
C19 Forget controlling distribution
C20 Industry threatens ISP’s over piracy

C21 Groups against iTunes
C22 Music sales 2.0
C23 Drop DRM or become irrelevant
C24 The dam is breaking: DRM is over
C25 Music CD sales fall 13% through...

C26 Pandora to shut out non-U.S. users
C27 Warner Music cuts staff 15% in U.K.
C28 The plunge of the major music labels
C29 A hot and cold report from the CISAC
C30 Gerd Leonhard’s open letter

C31 Music syndication
C32 Illegal music downloads hit record high
C33 Attention economy & music industry
C34 Radio 2.0 is like google reader
C35 On-demand streaming of music

C36 TV 2.0
C37 Negroponte’s $100 laptop
C38 Logic of the flat rate for music
C39 Price for a Radiohead album: $0
C40 The economics of content:
C41 Defecting from music 1.0
C42 The flat rate for digital music